Origins Of The Festival

Chad and Nellie Montgomery visited Denver in September 2010 and attended the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). The entire region came alive with beer events as far away as 100 miles from the city. Not long after returning, they decided to bring that style of event home to Dallas, Texas.

Many beer events benefit charity, bring good people together to drink amazing beers, promote small businesses (breweries, restaurants, great bars, and more), and the local economy. We had no idea why Dallas didn’t have a similar event, but we knew that had to be fixed.

Over ten years ago, the largest event we’d ever planned was our wedding with just over 100 people in attendance. We’re no different than anyone who attends our festival; we’re just two people who love great beer, small businesses, supporting local charities, and festivals.

Our hope and intentions are that every brewery and attendee who participates feels like this event is their own, and something to be proud of. This event doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to you, the attendee. Over the course of 11 years, we’ve been able to provide over 250,000 meals to hungry North Texans thanks to our partnership with the North Texas Food Bank. We hope to continue this well into the future!



The Organizers

Chad Montgomery

As one of the two owners of Brewvolution, LLC, Chad Montgomery works full-time planning and managing events for the company.  He also helps to manage Civil Pour, our coffee shop and beer bar which opened in August 2018. Previously he was an Operations Manager of a local IT consulting firm named Qoverage, which provides outsourced IT for small businesses in Dallas. His favorite styles of beer are Belgians, sours of all kinds, barrel-aged beers, and English barley wines. He loves live music, coffee, traveling, weight lifting, competitive Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo, movies, and technology. He graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Business Administration (Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

Nellie Montgomery

Nellie Montgomery is the party architect for Brewvolution, LLC. She received her Master’s Degree in Architecture at Boston Architectural College and utilizes her abilities in space planning, event build-out, graphics, and volunteer/vendor coordination. She enjoys drinking beers that connect at a personal level by knowing the owners, brewers, reps, volunteers of the breweries.

Our Cause

We’ve really enjoyed not only donating to the North Texas Food Bank, but volunteering at their facility these past 11 years. As a result, we’ve chosen them as our charitable organization to receive a portion of the proceeds from Big Texas Beer Fest as well. Besides, who doesn’t love a charity that uses 94 cents of every dollar donated, directly for their cause?