Health Permit

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Terms and Conditions
I acknowledge receipt of a copy of City of Dallas Guidelines for Temporary Food Establishments and understand that failure to meet provisions for a Temporary Food Establishment described in the City of Dallas Food Establishment Code, Chapter 17, can result in citations for violations and penalties to be assessed in court. I certify that all facts stated in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Special Conditions Comply with all TEMPORARY FOOD GUIDELINES as required by the City of Dallas Restaurant and Bar Inspection Division. Home preparation of food is not allowed. You must have MECHANICAL HEATING OR REFRIGERATION for all potentially hazardous foods. Provide hand and utensil wash set up, stem type dial thermometers for measuring internal food temperature. NO CUTTING OF ANY FOOD ON-­‐SITE. NO STERNO FOR OUTSIDE USE; NO ICE CHEST FOR FOOD STORAGE. Submit a copy of the State, County, City permit and current inspection report for foods prepared or manufactured beyond Dallas City limits.